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Habitat for humanity

Hi everyone! So I started volunteering for habitat for humanity a few weeks ago and this just might be “my life” for the rest of my life. I am blown away by this organization. I definitely had to step out of my comfort zone…big time! I mean, I have NEVER built anything EVER…especially a house at that.

So far I have installed windows to a house. I have installed insulation in the bathrooms and all around the outside of the house. I have built part of the outside front porch. I am also helping to build a playhouse that will be sold at an auction…money will be used to help support habitat for humanity. It’s amazing. I am learning what it is exactly to give back to my community. Here are just a few photos I took from the past few weeks.

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life as a minimalist…

I am obsessed with SIMPLICITY. And as a result I have been minimizing evert little nook and cranny of my life. One day I will be living in a VERY tiny home, built by yours truly. An “A” Frame home on a small beautiful piece of land surrounded by trees. Life at peace. life that is simple. Minimalism is a lifestyle and it is not for everyone. But as for me…I was born for it.

To have only the necessities and never have more then one of any one object…if that makes sense. haha. I know what your thinking…your crazy!!!! But this lifestyle has been an extremely welcomed change…especially for my bank account. I wanted peace of mind…I got it. I have more time to read, meditate, exercise, journal and live in the moment.

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just me….

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life is good…

coffee, fire, family. need I say more.

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do more that makes you happy

I am listening to an old Norah Jones record and reading To Kill A Mockingbird. its a great day to be happy. do more that is good for the soul.

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gotta love the holidays…

Christmas is magical and the only holiday that I will decorate for! The music {old Christmas Elvis vinyl record}, Movies {A Christmas Story and The Family Stone}, cold weather, sitting in front of a fire, hot coco, boots and fuzzy socks…It’s ALL heaven!


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a beautiful fog this morning…

I love waking up to mornings like this! As soon as I stepped out my front door….there was a beautiful blanket of fog! Enjoy!

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My Family ~ Christmas 2016!

Merry Christmas everyone!! So I know that some of you might have noticed that my family is missing a member this year lol! My husband is stationed in Korea for a year and this is his very 1st Christmas away from us! We miss him but we are so incredibly blessed this year and we look forward to when he returns!! Thank you so much for visiting my BLOG and I hope you ENJOY my photos! : )

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My beautiful niece!

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Maria & Jesus ~ Engagement Session

These two were extremely adorable in every way! Maria & Jesus thank you for laughing and being a bundle of fun!! It was a pleasure meeting the two of you and I wish you many blessings through every adventure! Here are just a few of my favorites from their engagement session! Enjoy!

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